Questions I’ve been getting

Since my last post, I’ve been getting lots of questions from people regarding what the project is. I thought I should put up a post answering some of the more common questions

What is Project Loyola?

Project Loyola is an ARG created by me and fellow students to document the ARG development process. We originally decided to create an ARG because of an interest in massive multi-player cooperative game mechanics (that’s a mouthful).

We knew we were never going to create an ARG on the scale of the commercial ARGs, like the Dark Knight or Cloverfield. We decided to create a grassroots ARG and document the hell out of it! That way, future students or grassroot developers interested in ARG development could have at least a smidgen of information to build off of.

That’s nice. What’s an ARG?

An ARG is an Alternate Reality Game. It’s a game which takes place in the real world and in the virtual world. Non-Player Characters interact with Players via the internet, phone calls and text messages.

So, how do I play an ARG?

It’s actually fairly simple. All you have to do is find clues that lead you to the next part of the game. Clues can be hidden in many different places; from websites, to emails, to phone calls you may receive from characters in the game.

Wait, I’m confused. How do I play?

If you want some good sources of information for playing an ARG, I’d suggest heading over to the following websites and do some reading.

Doing research on the net about how to play will help you with the mentality of, well, how to play.


2 Responses to Questions I’ve been getting

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