GDC Day 5: My Brain is to dead to think of a witty title

  • Showed up at the conference this morning at 7:30, like usual. No one was here. It was seriously me, the security guards and some pink shirts (Conference Assistants). Guess there was some crazy partying going on last night.
  • A session about brainstorming! What more could I ask for. This was a great session for designers about being able to force out ideas instead of waiting for the moment of “Eureka”.
  • The game designers rant was just spectacular. It was one of those events that gets my blood going. Clint Hocking, Daniel James, Jane McGonigal, Jenova Chen and Jonathan Mak all did a fantastic job. Kudos to them all!
  • Tim Longo did a great job on his presentation about Developing for IPs. I think this is probably extremely difficult (I can only speculate) and he had a really great concept for how to think about development.
  • Metaplace. Raph Koster. Epic. That’s really the best way to put it. The presentation was more about the development and I think the audience was expecting a demo more so, but I was freaking blown away by it. The best way I can describe it without getting insanely technical is that Metaplace is to MMOs what HTML is to webpages. It’s a scripting language that allows decentralized MMO architectures. Okay, so that was semi-technical.
  • Went out to dinner with Tim and some other people from Crystal Dynamics and we got into some pretty philosophical conversations. Basically, cats are sentient. Don’t ask. I don’t feel like explaining.

Overall, I can’t even begin to tell everyone how just absolutely spectacular this whole experience was.


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