GDC Day 4: Caffeine is my friend

  • I’ve started drinking coffee in the morning, since sleep is completely over rated.
  • Went to the Lucas Arts presentation regarding The Force Unleashed. Game looks incredible from the game play I’ve seen. The things that the company had to go through to create the project are also incredible of course.
  • Clint Hocking panel concerning immersion was incredible. I was happy that I could actually follow along with the complex issues he was discussing. Thanks for the training SCAD.
  • Decided I need to learn LUA or C#. C# probably so I can get into XNA development.
  • Spent about an hour catching up on some work for ARG, school related things, personal things, etc.
  • Attended part of the Experimental Games session. Saw a couple of very interesting games. I think my favorite one was Cursor*10
  • Met up with my mentor and got to hang around while he reminisced with some of his former Lucas Arts buddies. It was cool to listen to how they all moved around in the industry.
  • Ended the night with the Game Designer’s Challenge. Brenda did a great job!
  • Crashing early tonight since I am beyond tired…


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