GDC Day 2 & 3: Wet and Cheery

Sorry for the delayed post. It’s been difficult finding time to get updates going on the blog in a timely manner with all the running around I’m doing

Day 2

  • It started raining today. How smart am I to come to San Fran without an umbrella? Luckily bought one for 5 bucks.
  • Got a tour of Three Rings, makers of Puzzle Pirates, as part of the IGDA Scholarship. Great company and not just because of the Nautilus themed room where they work.
  • Met up with my Scholarship mentor, Tim Lingo. Had a a great convo with him about the industry and what sessions I should goto while here
  • Got introduced to Noah Falstein and was able to actually hold a conversation.
  • Went to the IGDA Mixer Party and the Linden Lab’s party. Met Jake Simpson who had some great insights into the industry and game design philosophies.

Day 3

  • Still raining. Lost the umbrella at some point in the day. No clue where it went; hope it keeps someone dry.
  • Got down here at 7:30. No one is around, so had time to update my contacts.
  • Censorship Panel led by Daniel Greenberg, who I saw speak at Siegecon. Good panel with lots of insightful info about how the ESRB works.
  • Spent some time in the Career Pavilion handing out resumes and talking to companies. Ran into Raph Koster and thanked him for linking to my blog.
  • Went to the Noah Falstein QA session with Sid Meiers. Insightful into one of the top designers into the industry and how he makes games.
  • Collaborative Writing and Vast Narratives with Ken Rolston and Mark Nelson of Big Huge Games. This was a great session that applied almost directly to issues with ARG work our team is having. Really glad I went. Great presentation.
  • Had dinner with a spectacular view of the city, but spent the time listening to the developers talk. Felt extremely lucky to have been able to go at all. Brenda explains it best.
  • Left after the dinner and headed back to the room for the night.

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