The Power of Games

I work part time in a computer repair shop. This is on top of school, outside projects and having a romantic relationship. It’s no wonder that sleep is near the bottom of my list of things to get done in a day.

Our shop does a lot of work with various computers users: from the power user, to the business user, to the grandmother who just wants to check her email. Recently, we fixed one gentlemen’s computer who then had problems getting it to turn on as soon as he got it home. We told him if he brought it back in to us we’d take a look at it. He was a nice guy and was more than willing to comply. It ended up being just a simple unplugged cable.

During the conversation with this customer, I overhead something that made me chuckle. At finding that it was such a small issue, he told us he was extremely relieved because, as he said, “I have to run an instance at 9:00 tonight”. It’s not uncommon for me to find desktop icons for all sorts of computer games, running from World of Warcraft to various Pop Cap games, on peoples computers.

It just goes to show the power of gaming. From education to entertainment, gaming has such an impact on people that this guy was worried about his computer working tonight. Not because he wouldn’t be able to get work done. Not because he might have just lost a couple of years of documents. Not because the photos from his vacation to Hawaii might be gone, or that the gigs of music he painstakingly stole from online went up in smoke. This customer was worried because he wouldn’t be able to login to a virtual world and interact with other people that he may not ever meet in real life.

I’m just always amazed at the power that play has over our everyday lives.


One Response to The Power of Games

  1. Taco! says:

    I witnessed a similar incident where some parents had burst into a GameStop and demanded the new Splinter Cell for their son. The clerk wasn’t sure which one was the newest and when I told them they could probably return it as long as it was unopened, the mother looked at me and said “BUT WE (father and I) WANT TO PLAY IT, TOO! WE LOVE SPLINTER CELL!”
    …Makes me wonder if their son ever got a chance to play…

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