Gender Inclusive Games and the Three Stooges.

What? What kind of topic is that? How does this have any correlation at all?

Well, let me explain…

I just read Gender Inclusive Game Design: Expanding The Market by Sheri Graner Ray, a great book about creating games that appeal to both males and females. The problem is that the genders have different concepts and procedures when it comes to game play. One of the many issues covered in the book, which I recommend everyone interested in game design reads, is that of violence. In a study, according to Graner Ray, females said that violence wasn’t what turned them away from a game as much as violence without reason or plot.

Recently I was talking to my SO (significant other) about the Three Stooges. I forget exactly how the conversation started, but she made the following statement during our conversation: “I have never met a woman that enjoys the Three Stooges. It’s a guy thing.” She’s right, of course (She usually is). I don’t ever recall meeting a woman that enjoyed the slap-stick antics of those three knuckle heads. I’ve met plenty of guys, but I doubt I’ll see a woman that would willing go to a three hour marathon of the Stooges.

This conversation led me back to Graner Ray’s book. It seems that the dislike of non-plot based violence is cross medium, and not just limited to the video game genre. Look at all of the shoot-em-up, big explosion movies. They have little to no female appeal, from my own conversations with the opposite sex. This, I feel, is why it’s so important to read Gender Inclusive Game Design. It covers all of the issues that arise from developing a game with blinders on towards the opposite sex. That’s cutting out 50% of a possible target market; not a smart business decision.

Any females out there love the Three Stooges?

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2 Responses to Gender Inclusive Games and the Three Stooges.

  1. bbrathwaite says:

    No, I don’t like them.

    I also don’t particularly like Kung Fu movies or dumb action movies.

    I’m not against violence in media or massive car crashes, though. I love the Blues Brothers, and The Sopranos goes down as one of my favorite media experiences of all time.

    If you are interested in experiences that cross different mediums, check out Henry Jenkins article here:

  2. jeffmcnab says:

    Hrm. Thanks for the link. Looks like it’ll be good for my ARG work.

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