Qantm Education?

According to an interview with Tom Misner, CEO and founder of the SAE group, I just wasted four years of my life getting a degree that wasn’t from Qantm, an Australian based college. There seems to be quite an uproar over the statements made in Mr. Misner’s interview. Many industry veterans turned academic professors, including Brenda Brathwaite and Ian Schrieber, have posted about how they feel about the statements made in this interview.

As a current student in a game design curriculum outside of Mr. Misner’s college, I feel that his statements were…well…totally and ridiculously unfounded in the world of reality. While I try to create virtual worlds for others to explore, it seems that Mr. Misner has created one inside of his head to justify these outrageous statements. The largest part of his interview that is upsetting to me his is notion that it takes “three years for a college to change a course“. I’m not sure what university he attended, but it must not have been a very good one to have to take three years to update a course.

There are many courses taught here at SCAD that offer not only up-to-date practical, technology based teachings, such as using the latest version of popular modeling programs like Max, Maya and ZBrush, but also the newest theoretical teachings on the game design process. I have never once felt behind the curve so much that when I got out of school I would be unprepared. Even if colleges are “behind the times”, a three year delay is ridiculous. If I ever attended any sort of educational institution that was that far behind, I would consider my time a waste.

Many colleges with a focus on training individuals entering into technology fields understand that the industry drives education. It’s usually not the other way around, and especially not in game design, where academics are so young. I would be wary of schools, or individuals, that don’t understand this.


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