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If you were stuck under a rock yesterday, go seek medical attention. If you meant that metaphorically, then you may not have heard the big news: Activision and Vivendi have merged. The $18 billion merger came as a surprise to many (including me, but who am I). I read two of the interviews with Blizzard President Mike Morhaime and it seems that the merger is purely for financial reasons. The two interviews, one at 1UP (who mispell Morhaime’s last name with an ‘n’) and one at IGN, both talk with Morhaime about what the merger means for the companies and for players.

Activision, who had a representative come talk to SCAD students last year, has a very open, independent developer mentality, something I was impressed with during the presentation. Blizzard is…well…Blizzard. Just look at their track record. Not taking into account Ghost, they have a very strong base of games with a fanatic following. Not to mention the number one MMO in the industry.

Time will only really tell what this means for gamers. I just pray that we don’t see Guitar Hero IV: Frozen Throne, with downloadable tracks like “Spawn More Overlords”, anytime in the near future…

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2 Responses to Activision Blizzard

  1. Brian Shurtleff says:

    You’ve just given me the terrible idea to make Frets on Fire tracks out of music from the Warcraft series. 😉

  2. aortiz says:

    I was almost hurt to hear the news. I imagined something like World of Guitarcraft. Call of Tony Hawk’s Heroes. Something.

    And, to my dismay, I was rewarded with something equally as horrible.

    Recycling a game like Madden has always been EA’s signature move. Activision Blizzard’s first move as a company is to behave like EA?

    It’s like a bad nightmare, only it’s real.

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