My Studio 2 Pitch

So, this is a day late, but it’s finals…

My pitch was an ARG. I feel that there are some issues that are going on in the game industry right now, such as focusing on technology over design innovation. ARGs allow a more design oriented mentality when it comes to games, since the technology is something that anyone with a computer, even someone with a 10 year old computer using dial up internet, can be a part of.

The other major factor that intrigues me is the idea of the “collective intelligence” that is needed to solve ARG puzzles. No one person should have the ability to complete an ARG, due to the limitations of geographical location and time. Dani Berry’s concepts on multi-player can be brought to life inside of an ARG, since it has all of the benefits and few of the hindrances of current MMO designs.

The other big factor for why I though our class should do one is because of the “freshness” of ARGs. The genre only started 6 years ago in 2001 with The Beast. If you look at FPSs, for instance, they have been around for over 20 years. Innovation is hard to do in a genre that has been around for that long, especially because of the iterative nature of game design.

Finally, I felt that since there has only been one ARG created by an academic group (PacManhattan), that it would be something that could grab the attention of the design community.

I’ll be sure to try and keep an update on the progress of the ARG without, hopefully, giving away too much info regarding it.


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