Friday: Pitch for Studio 2

Next quarter, I start my second to last quarter at SCAD. I’m a bit scared by this and feel unprepared, but I think that’s normal, so I won’t worry about it too much. Anyways, this Friday we have the option to give game pitches for teams to work on in our Studio 2 class and I plan on giving one. I’ve given a game pitch for every class where it’s an option (only about 3 I think), but my pitches always get picked up and I’m usually a lead for the project because of this.

I’m kind of torn between wanting to do a project or not in all honesty. I don’t have much experience as a non-lead on a project, which I don’t feel is a big advantage when entering the industry (since there’s no way I’m going to be lead of a team straight from college). I wouldn’t mind not having the responsibility of being responsible for other people for once, but I also have a really, really good idea for a pitch (I’ll post it here after I give it on Friday).

One interesting side note: Today I Googled my name (I love how that’s a verb now) and this site and my main site come up in the top three results. I’m happy about that. It means my “digital presence” is well on its way to being developed.


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