Brain shutdown and Bunny Spawning

Inside of the game, bunnies will begin to spawn from various holes through out the stage. I had this implemented in my original version well enough, but with the new collision detection system, I need to develop a new way of spawning bunnies. The problem arises because the hole itself has it’s own collision sprite. As the bunny gets spawned, it obviously must be outside of the collision sprite of the hole, otherwise it is stuck in permanent “collide” mode and will never move. This is simply enough, but the real problem comes about when I want the bunny to spawn into a location where another bunny already is.

I think a simple rework of my collision detection function will make this work. As it is, the collision function is called whenever there is an update to the object array of the graphics engine and checks against a fixed color value. I need to update the function to be called by the object that is moving, instead of the engine, and pass an argument with a color value so that I can get more functionality out of the… function.

Unfortunately, my brain has shutdown for the day and I’m not sure if I can get it to keep working for the next couple of hours. I also need to work on my outline for Speech class that’s due this week, so I might have to put this project on hold for the rest of the day and get back to it tomorrow.


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