Matt Kohr and SketchBlogging

Matt Kohr is an aspiring concept artist. Actually, he’s not aspiring. He’s a “currently working in the industry while still going to school” concept artist. His work has always impressed me. You can see his stuff over at his website.

Anyways, he recently started a sketch blog on Blogspot, and it got me to thinking about the weekly game design sketches I wanted to do for my own blog. Basically, the plan is that every Friday, Saturday, Sunday (whichever day of the weekend I decide) I’ll goto Wikipedia and find a totally random article to use as the core of a game (be in narrative or mechanic). This is to not only break out of my habit of using the same narratives over and over again, and also to let me “sketch” as a game designer.I actually tried this out with the students we taught in the first week at the Summer Seminar, and it seemed to worked rather well (as far as finding random articles to make games off of), so hopefully it won’t turn into an exercise in futility.


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