A partial success!!

So, last quarter I created a design document for a simple flash game that I was going to create. It got put on the back burner during the summer, since I was doing my internship with Brenda and trying to figure out money issues (along with being called by people that wondered why I wasn’t at AGDC [This is you, Sheri]). Well, it’s back on the front burner, or at least one of the less frequently used side burners in my arsenal of cooking locations. Enough of the cooking range analogies.

Anyways, yesterday I started programming it using OOP Actionscript, something I haven’t really done before with my flash programming experience. Luckily, due not only to my class with Hieronymi, but also the weekly tutorials that Will is giving on C++ and OpenGL, I actually have a partial functioning prototype of the bunny/bunny hole system. I’m planning on using this for the next Project for Hieronymi’s class (due this upcoming Tuesday) and finishing it up (graphics and sounds included) by the end of the year, if not sooner.


One Response to A partial success!!

  1. Brian says:

    Her name is spelled Sheri, by the way…

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